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Writing Grants for Nonprofits - Where Do You Start?

There are many nonprofit organizations in your community who continuously seek funds to stay afloat. As a life scientist, you have acquired most of the skills needed to successfully write a grant for a nonprofit. These include, researching, writing, editing and proofreading skills. But, where d...



Transition from a Scientist to an Entrepreneur

My street credentials: I’ve been a graduate student, a PhD in Organic chemistry from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a postdoc from the University of California, Berkeley, and transitioned into a fulltime entrepreneur for over a year now. I have also founded the Berkeley Postdoc ...



No Grandma, I am not that type of doctor: Never be ashamed of your PhD

Two weeks after I finished graduate school, my father-in-law introduced me to a friend by saying “I want you to meet my son-in-law. He just became a doctor.” While I forced a grin and politely accepted the ensuing congratulations, I instead wanted to clarify that I just received a PhD, and th...



The Packing List

Several years ago, I was doing field research in a remote and extremely cold site, and I had to take a multi-day survival training course before they would let me out on the ice unsupervised. On our first day of “Happy Camper School,” my classmates and I were given a list: “Bring: Ex...



Fifty ways to leave your lover

This doesn’t sound much like the title of a career path blog, does it? You most likely know it as the title of a song by Paul Simon, but while it may resonate with a lot of people, what specific relevance could it have to science PhDs and postdocs? Well, it does make sense if your first ...



The Siren’s Song of Employment – Part Two

Last fall, I was invited by Bio Careers to present a webinar on pursuing alternative careers. It dealt most specifically with transitioning from a bench career to one involving finance or business. Interestingly, what strongly resonated with attendees were the slides on how one’s skills could...



Ready for a major career change? You’re not alone – part one

I am new to Bio Careers Blog.  Excited as I am as a first-timer, I will set a rule for my blog: I do not intend to give out specific action items or tips to fellow job seekers. You see, I am one of you.  After many years of academic research, I am ready for a major career change.  It seems lik...




Admit it: you have a “lucky” PCR machine, don’t you? As any experimental biologist can tell you, working at the bench has a strong element of tradition and muscle knowledge. If I’m running a Western blot or pouring a gel, I’ll probably do it a certain way, because that’s the way I w...



Lost and Found: Surrendering to Opportunities, Rediscovering Long-term Goals

My grandmother often remarked that I had been here before, which meant that I was an old soul. More than knowing what I wanted as a child, I anticipated the future with a sixth sense. This remained true until the end of graduate school. I finished my PhD in chemistry, and all of the anecdotal evi...


Robert Cory

How to Increase your Chances of Landing a Military Research Job

Finding a good job in today’s economy is a challenge, especially when it comes to specialized research.  Many PhDs are forced to take jobs they don’t really want, or ones that don’t benefit their career paths.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Your dream job is out there, and ...